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A New Day: How To Heal Our Broken World by Richard Abbot

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A New Day: How To Heal Our Broken World by Richard Abbot

If you want to know where the world is headed this is the book for you. It lays out the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state of the human species in great detail and prescribes a simple formula for making the fundamental changes needed.  Everything is significant, and nothing is overlooked. The work runs to 178 pages, its original arguments are extensively annotated and features original full colour cover art by Rivkah Morgan 

Part One – A Broken World. The Emperor Has No Clothes, The Perversion of History, Ultimate Evil.

Part Two – Towards a Healthy World. Eleven Vibrations, The First, Essential Steps, Blinded By the Light , The Second Wave, Understanding our Promise and Our Threat.

Back cover: Some might say ‘there is nothing new under the Sun’, yet the insight and vision outlined within these revolutionary pages might just offer something so far unknown on Earth – a practical attempt to apply the fundamentals of modern spirituality to the troubles that afflict our daily lives, test the planet, and threaten the very existence of the species.

Challenging and unashamedly controversial, the insights and analysis contained within stem from the grounding of its author. It is from this grounding that he is able to reach for the stars and be original, inspirational and unafraid to tackle some of the sacred cows of both our modern age and the New Age.

Drawing on Ancient Greek philosophy, Victorian spiritualism and Aquarian insights, and isolating examples from the Tarot to the American Whitehouse, the message is above all one of hope and of optimism, but always with an eye to the truth and never to the dark illusions that threaten our progress.

From the author: "I am prouder of this book now, some years later, than when I wrote it in 2005/6. Many of the predictions and trends outlined in the book have already come to pass and I await complete vindication of my findings by 2012, but maybe sooner the way things are headed. I take heart from those that have read it and testify to its value." Richard Abbot, Feb 2009.

‘Better than The Secret. Much better’ – Kim Ryan, London

Published by Natural Living Books, 2007. 


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