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What Is Tarot* for Business Success? KEEP UP WITH THE BLOG HERE
* along with its friends, numerology, palmistry, feng shui and astrology.

There is no shame in wanting either money or success. It is the manner we go about these things that causes all the trouble, for neither money nor success can be taken from anybody else. Well, not if you want to sleep at night. Honest money and lasting success are the products of creation and self-discovery. The more we create and the more we discover about ourselves the more profitable and successful our lives will be.

As well as being essential for food, shelter and transport, money is also a marker, a proof of the validity of our ideas and our methods. Without some degree of monetary reward, it is hard to claim that our ideas are worth much, in this material realm at least.

Naturally, this is challenging for some, though it need not be. The rules of earning money are simple, but they have to be followed, consistently. We will explore these rules together but the first two are self-explanatory and can be stated at the outset:

1. There are no short cuts.
2. To grasp is to lose.
What This Project Is Not 

Money Magnetisation / Law of Attraction / Think & Grow Rich. Now, don’t get me wrong, these things work. But only up to a point, instructive in the sense of what they don’t tell us, rather than what they do. And besides, there are a million ways to learn about the Law of Attraction, and the world won’t benefit from another one.

How to be a more successful tarot reader. Well, actually this project IS for tarot readers who want to up they business game, but it is ALSO for straight business folk who just want some kind of support or edge. All comers are welcomed here and we will look at all kinds of businesses, from DJ’s to makers, geeks to small factories and from reflexologists to physiotherapists. We may also look at multi-nationals and historic businesses to see what we might learn from them.

Conspiracy economics. I am not the slightest bit interested in speculating about the imminent collapse of Western Capitalism, or corruption in the international banking system. The best way to insulate yourself against such things (if you believe they exist) is to have some trade-able skills and products of your own.

Ethical business. Define ethics. Is it Google’s ‘don’t be evil, but don’t pay tax either’ approach? The truth is that for most people, most of the time, money-making and success is a matter of conscience, and when we go against our conscience our business fails, sooner or later. For small businesses it is often as simple as that.

A Lifestyle Blog. This is not about how to consume, but how to make, create, expand and grow your business, your personality and, then by extension, your life.

Fortune Telling. I am not going to teach you the best time to fleece your clients, offload your old stock to an unsuspecting buyer or guarantee that every move you make is a winner. No-one could do such a thing, even if they wanted to. This is because 100% success is not really success at all, for if there are no mistakes then there is no learning. In order to be successful we just have to be more right than wrong on the things that matter. Tarot (and its friends) can help in this, though they can guarantee nothing.

Investment Advice. There will be no pointers toward ‘do this’ or ‘buy that’. I have no affiliate relationships with anyone. We will focus on methods, attitudes and skills, so that you can mind your own business better.

So, What Is It About Then?

Fundamentally it is a different way of thinking.

Ever since my first job at the age of 17 I have been using Tarot (and its associated friends) to guide my way. I falsely believed, for a long time, that my personal development was a separate thing to my job. You know the mindset, you go to work so that you can live your life afterwards. But as soon as I launched my first business in 2002 I realised that my work was my WORK, and that as I personally developed, so did my business, but that when I personally fell short so would my earnings. My success in the subsequent years was primarily down to the insights that I gained from working with the Tarot and its friends, and I am happy to share these with you now.

Business Success Consultation

Got a bright idea that you are struggling to actualise? Time running out in your quest for success? Old earning streams no longer delivering? Staff problems? Client conflicts? Supplier disputes? Standard ways of working no longer effective? Then maybe it's time for a new approach.




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Saturday 3rd June 2017
Tarot for Business Success: Are You Open for Business?

The Isbourne Centre, Cheltenham. GL50 1TH

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Thursday 15th June 2017
Healing With Numbers

All Saints Church, Kettering, NN16 9RR

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Sunday 18th June 2017
Numerology for Enhancing Spiritual Practice

College of Psychic Studies, Queensberry Place, London. SW7 2EB.

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