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They say that when the pupil is ready the teacher will appear. Put another way, you are reading this for a reason. That’s how life works.

Some of what you have read on this site will make sense, some of it may be incomprehensible, no matter. The rule is simply that it should interest you, because interest always reveals ability.

To embark on your search for enlightenment requires that you abandon all pre-conceptions and open your mind. What has happened in your life so far is of no importance. The only thing that matters is that you have to want to learn, because the development of your full human potential is destined to change your life beyond recognition, as it did mine.

Your quest for fulfilment begins the moment you first contact me, and takes place in two stages - knowledge and application. You gain the required knowledge during sessions over the phone, via email or via Skype. Distance is no barrier, although maximum benefit will be gained by face to face sessions. You then take what you have learned and use it. Using what you have learned will give you proof and will in turn expand your knowledge even further. Full understanding can be gained by mastering each level of awareness in turn. The doors to acceptance, and ultimately wisdom, then await. 
There are no short cuts and your personal situation will dictate where you start and how we personalise your sessions.

You will learn techniques and methods, and be shown how to work with tools (Tarot, Numerology, the Pendulum and the like), but you will also be shown how to develop a different mind set to life. A magical mind set. So, when it comes to mentorship I insist on a zero tolerance policy for whiners, complainers, anyone who is negative or toxic, know-it-alls, fantasists, conspiracists, 'truthers' or anyone who constantly blames external circumstances for their lack of progress. 

On the other hand, huge scoops of tolerance and patience will be shown to people who are committed to growth and learning and are willing to do what it takes to move forward. 

You can read some more specifics about the mentorship programme here.

"To say that Richard has helped me to turn my life around is an understatement. His guidance has been honest, straight forward and completely life changing. My career has lept forward, my old money problems have stopped and the way I view myself and the world had changed totally. I cannot recommend Richard enough, he has taught me how to live my world from the inside out and I now truly love every single second. An amazing teacher, mentor and more importantly, a bloody great guy."  

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