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Everything in life is number.
Number creates pattern. Patterns creates shape. Shapes create life. Life brings colour.
Numbers are everywhere.

You are watching a screen with two (or one) eyes, moving the mouse with one hand, composed of four fingers and one thumb, and sitting on a chair built on four legs. And even if you are doing none of those things you live in a place that is numbered, with a postal or zip code that contains numbers. Your bank account that allows you to buy food is full of numbers and your friends and family are reached by dialling telephone numbers. 

>>>>[Listen to a Q&A discussion on Numerology. It's an interview conducted by Lian Brook-Tyler on The Primal Happiness Show. It's a good intro to the subject if I say so myself!]
Numbers reveal the essence, structure, form and shape of all life, through defining its vibration.
Your life, as it is today, is the result of three things – 
  1. Your name. 
  2. Your date of birth 
  3. Your choices (free will). 
We can learn much about all three aspects, and Numerology can be particularly helpful with understanding the secret power and meaning of your name and your date of birth.

It is no exaggeration to say that many of life’s problems can be resolved through understanding your personal Numerology, such is the rich seam of information it holds about you. Your Life Path, your Expression, your Secret Desire, Karmic Debts and Lessons, Your Spiritual Purpose, Suitable Partners, Career Strengths and Innate Talents, Physical Attributes, your Ultimate Goal, Hidden Abilities and recurring Weaknesses, Negative Patterns, the Approach to your Destiny, plus Personal Years and Personal Months can all be easily calculated and understood in order to enhance your life immeasurably.

However, the real secret of Numerology lies in the balance that it provides. 

Much psychic and spiritual development is concerned with the intuitive and creative parts of the brain, but Numerology also concerns itself with the rest – the rational and logical parts - for only by developing both sides of the brain and both sides of the self, can harmony, peace of mind and mastery be ultimately achieved.

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