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Here is something you can do, right now for yourself, to bring magic into your life.
Its effects will increase the more you practice and work with it. 
The more you use this - Your Magic Number - recognise it, follow it, and attune with it - the luckier you will become and the better your life will get. It really works, try it. 
Take your date of birth, and write it down in this format: 
28th October 1972 
28 + 10 + 1972 
Add up those numbers, it that way, until you get a 4 digit answer, like so:
Then take those four individual digits and add those up until you get a two digit or one digit answer, like so: 
2 + 0 + 1 + 0 = 3 
If you get a two digit answer then simply add those two digits together and repeat as many times as necessary until you get a single digit. Therefore the only possible answers you can get are the numbers one to nine. 
The answer is your Magic Number. 

You should now begin to use it in a wide range of activities. Choose that seat number on the plane or at the theatre, choose that aisle to queue in, park in that numbered parking space, incorporate it into your lottery numbers, move to that house number. Whenever and wherever your magic number pops up in life follow it. If you don't know where to go or what to do, look for your magic number and head in that direction. Have your medical procedure on that date, go for your job interview or big presentation on that date, and if you can't choose the day, then choose the time to match the number. Have a party and celebration on that date and invite that number of people. 
By these actions you are actively attuning yourself to your magical personal vibration, and the opportunities to do this are endless. It's so simple, seemingly so silly, yet so powerful. Try it, and watch a whole new world unfold before your very eyes. 
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