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Change Your Name – Change Your Life 

Musicians have been doing this for years, from Barry Pincus (Barry Manilow), Declan McManus (Elvis Costello), Robert Zimmerman (Bob Dylan), Eilleen Edwards (Shania Twain), William Broad (Billy Idol) and Katheryn Hudson (Katy Perry).

Politicians know about it – William Blythe (Bill Clinton), as do film stars – Demetria Guynes (Demi Moore) and Walter Willis (later Bruce Willis), Margaret Hyra (Meg Ryan), Natalie Hershlag (Natalie Portman), and Caryn Johnson (Whoopi Goldberg) all changed their names to something more favourable.
It’s the established stars – Maurice Micklewhite (Michael Caine), David Jones (David Bowie), as well as the modern ones – Destiny Hope Cyrus (Miley Cyrus) and Amanda Rogers (Portia de Rossi) as well as superstars such as Farrokh Bulsara (Freddy Mercury) and Georgios Panagiotou (George Michael) who all realised that their names did not support their dreams.

(Source, and lots more interesting examples:

Name changes have even been recorded in the Book of Genesis. Abram became Abraham, and his grandson Jacob became Israel, both in recognition of a change of role or Destiny. 

Change Your Name – Change Your Life 

You don’t have to be well known to see how important the sound and vibration of a name is really is. Take an example:
Who is Gordon Hardcastle? Conjure up in your mind an image of what this person is like. Just from the name, take a moment to receive impressions of his most obvious characteristics.

The impressions that strike most people are strength, sureness, reliability and maybe someone who is a little bit boring! Now, whatever this person is actually like, in the flesh, we have already formulated an impression in our minds. We have received his name energy without knowing it. This happens everywhere, every minute of every day. Our name goes before us. We cannot help it. It carries weight, meaning and power. It therefore has a bearing on your work, your hobbies, your family and your relationships.

Your name can work for you or against you – but if you are experiencing consistent problems and challenges then your name almost certainly doesn’t reflect the real, inner you. You do not have to be defined by your name and you should change it if you don’t like it.

The Name Change Service

My unique method of numerology takes the letters of the full name and makes various calculations which form interpretations and guidance. This can clarify and resolve a lot of issues, blockages and conflicts. People with multiple names can effectively have multiple personalities, but the most weight is given to the current, formal, legal name.

Help is available in a two-step process:

STEP ONE – I will perform an analysis of your current name(s) energy, identifying what is present and what is missing - talents, abilities, tendencies, doorways, obstacles and challenges. This enables you to get clear on exactly what needs to be addressed and why. This will be provided in a written email and will cost £90. I will include an analysis of any alternative names proposed by you.

Then, if you require more it's:
STEP TWO - I will provide an in depth explanation, and if necessary have an email/verbal conversation with you on what kind of name you need and how you can perform some basic checks on possible alternative names for yourself. This also involves me finding you some suitable name options. I will do the research and the come up with appropriate possibilities, checking against the numerology at every stage. This tends to be a consultative back-and-forth process so you should allow the total project to take a few weeks. This step costs £140. 

This means the total payable price is either £90 (Step One only) or £230 (both steps).

EMAIL ME NOW with your details and we can get started.
I will need the following:
  • FULL CURRENT NAME (if different from birth name)
No messing, this really works. I am here to help you find the name that resonates, supports your dreams and is numerologically right on point.

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