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"I came with an open mind, learned a lot" 
"Very interesting and knowledgeable, felt very at easy and now more confident.." 
"Fantastic, very interesting"

The following One Day Courses are available for you, 1-2-1 or with your friends.
Each day runs here at The Hermitage, from 10am – 4pm and includes a light lunch which we will provide (state intolerances when booking).

The cost is £110 per person per day. Part payment of £30 to demonstrate goodwill is taken at time of booking, the balance on the day. If you are travelling by train we may be able to collect you from either Wellingborough or Kettering stations, no additional charge.

You can enquire and book by sending an email here. Feel free to ask any questions.
The Centre operates 7 days a week. by appointment only and courses are run on mutually convenient days. (NOTE: Group sessions at a location of your choosing are available – get in touch for details).

"Very informative and enjoyable, clear and concise" 
"Interesting and opened the door to my furthering interest"

Required. Steps Toward the Light Day: Foundation knowledge, understanding of self, life and others. Identity, life purpose. Empowerment and positive thinking exercises. Relaxation tools and study of the fundamental nature of life. (Students must complete this one day course before selecting any of the following options)
Optional. Choose one or more of the following:

You Can Master the Tarot Day – deck selection, programming the cards, preparation for reading, formulating the question, simple and intermediate spreads. How to interpret the cards.

Numerology and You Day – Your Four Cores Within and Your Four Roads to Fulfilment. The significance of your name. Harnessing positive traits, controlling negative ones. Personal Months & Personal Years.

Healing the Four Bodies Day – The Magic of Food, Water and Air. The Four Body Elemental System. Arpedio. Tetratic Healing, oils and massage. 

Divination Day – Palmistry, Dice, I Ching, Angel Cards, the Crystal Ball, Psychometry. A day of exploration into different forms of self understanding and future projection (no Tarot or Numerology during this course).

Meditation & Relaxation Day – the Power of the Mind and the Heart. Taking control of the monkey mind, focus and intensity, breath, diet, eliminating stress, re-patterning, movement, posture.

Note - Students must complete the one day course Steps Toward The Light and at least two optional courses before moving to Level Two. Assignments may be set, or additional days may be required prior to accepting a student at Level Two.

"I just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and didn't want it to finish.. 
The practical part went down particularly well."

Required. Further Steps Toward the Light Day: Self Realisation, Astral Mirrors, Daily Practises, Meeting Your Guide, The Inner World, Past Life Regression. (Students must have completed this one day course before selecting any of the following options)
Optional. Choose one or more of the following:

Tarot In Your Life Day – Reading for others, advanced understanding, original spreads and exercises. Timed readings, paired readings, Connections to numerology. Journeying and invocation. 

Advanced Numerology Day – Karmic Lessons and Debts, Master Numbers, Intense and Lacking Energies, Deep Understanding, Connections to other disciplines.

Manifestation Magick Day – Making stuff happen. Rules and Guidelines, practises, candles, visualisation, ritual, power, flow. 

Note - Students must have completed all the above courses, on both levels, required and optional, before moving to Level Three. Assignments may be set, or additional days may be required prior to taking a student to Level Three.

"Excellent, really thought provoking" 
"Inspiring, lively and interesting. Want to know more."

Required. Consolidation Day: Pulling together all threads, establishing your absolute unshakeable uniqueness, stepping toward your specific life purpose. The nature and use of energy, the role of the natural world.

Optional. Choose only one of the following:

The Path of the Magician - Action. Results. Reward.

The Path of the Hermit - Acceptance. Peace. Wisdom.

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Numerology consultations at The College of Psychic Studies

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