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This unique form of natural healing is practised by only a handful of people in the world today, and is a development of the original Touch Method discovered by Arthur Norris.

It is not faith healing – the patient can believe or not. No matter. It works either way.

It is not the power of the mind. Direction and focus of mental energy can achieve significant results, but when the patient enters in a wheelchair and walks out unaided there’s something else going on.

So what is Tetratic Healing, and how does it work?

Through touch, relaxation and connection, the healer chases the pain and illness from the body.

Anyone can benefit from Tetratic Healing. Usually the patient will need to make their own way to the session, although travelling to you maybe possible in urgent circumstances.

Full treatment can require up to 4 sessions, concentrated into as small a window of time as is practical. It may be necessary for the patient to have a rest or break between sessions and it is advisable that uninterrupted time be allowed for this. 

All healing is undertaken fully clothed and in person. It is non-invasive and is not distance healing.

Tetratic healing differs from many modern New Age methods in that it treats the pain at a physical level. It might be that the original cause of your pain is an unresolved emotional trauma or a unhealthy mental pattern but Tetratic healing works simply by removing the pain or illness from the physical body. Emotional and mental issues may be tackled later to avoid a recurrence, but the focus of the work is to get the physical body back in good condition.

If you are in need, do please get in touch. Payment for this is by donation only. It does not matter what you offer, but you must offer something. 

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Friday 30th June 2017
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Friday 28th July 2017
Numerology consultations at The College of Psychic Studies

16 Queensberry Place, South Kensington, London

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