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The Works of Arthur H Norris

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The Works of Arthur H Norris 
Volume I - A Journey of Human Development
Edited by Richard Abbot & Pat Warrington

Arthur H Norris was born in West Sussex, England, in 1933 and travelled extensively during his life, gathering knowledge in many strange areas of the world. 

He practised as an Occultist for almost 50 years, specialising in Tarot, Numerology and Healing. In his later life, his reputation grew and could be regularly seen and heard in the media and at fairs across England and Scotland. 

Arthur uncovered secrets and developed a unique method of human development. Within these pages, you will find the answers to your spiritual progress and psychic growth, learn how to expand your mystical awareness, become adept with the Tarot, Palmistry and Numerology. 

His practises of Aromatherapy and Acupressure are revealed, as well as an introduction to his own unique healing methods, Arpedio and the Norris Touch Method. Colour Healing and Auras are explored and all the problems of life are illuminated – relationships, money, career, compatibilities, family problems, happiness and finding it, self identity and esteem, Destiny and personal fulfilment. He explains the pendulum, psychic healing and visualisation. 

This is an unparalleled collection of learning, amassed over five decades, with thousands of students and tens of thousands of consultations. There has simply been nothing like this before. Ever. And it will be published in a strictly limited edition.

It includes 20 easy to learn practices for personal, spiritual and occult development, faithful reproductions of his pithy phrases, plus clear and practical insights into the world of the mystical and psychic. No waffle. No woo-woo. 

What some of his students have said: 

‘I have never had a Tarot reading like that before.’

‘He was a key spiritual guide for us. Besides various consultations, we have done some important courses with him in both Tarot and Numerology.’

‘He is not forgotten, such a lovely man, I used to say he was like a big teddy bear.’

‘He opened my mind to many possibilities.’ 

320 pages + 8 page picture section. Paperback. Dimensions 6” x 9”. First Published 2012.

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