When announcing the hiring of Andy MacPhail, someone with an analytics background and without ties to the Phillies, to take over as team president at the conclusion of this season in late June, ownership wholesale cliff lee jerseys from china began a different direction for the organization.

It was just the first step, however, in a series of many that needed to be taken to pull cheap cliff lee jerseys supply the Phillies from the depths of which they had fallen.

Would they go the rest of the way though? Would they make the tough decisions they needed to?

And it wasn't just trading away players like Cole Hamels to restock the farm system. It was systematically going through, evaluating position by position from the top down and making sure being sentimental and loyal — what cheap phillies cliff lee jerseys got them into the predicament to begin with — wouldn't hurt them again.

Ownership partner John Middleton's desire to win and increased visibility and voice, along with declaring that MacPhail will be given all the resources he needs, was another push in the right direction. But Ruben Amaro Jr.'s wholesale cliff lee jerseys supply dismissal as general manager cheap cliff lee jerseys for sale Thursday, made it clear — the Phillies are no longer afraid of change."I've learned as much as I think I could learn over a two-month period about an organization and those changes that have impacted the game over the last few years," MacPhail said in his opening statement at Thursday's press conference. "All with the intent of trying to find a way to turn the Phillies to consistent contender status that they enjoyed in the not too [distant] past. Unfortunately to accomplish that goal, the conclusion that I reached was that was needed a fresh perspective in the baseball information department, a fresh approach."

It's not something that's exactly easy to do though and Middleton tried to explain why the Phillies had been cheap cliff lee jerseys free shipping so resistant to that change before.

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