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History & Background

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The Hermitage Development Centre was founded in Lincolnshire, England, in 1983, by Arthur Norris and Pat Warrington.

Having already spend decades as a practitioner of the mystic arts, Arthur’s goal was to prepare his pupils for the unfolding process of illumination that is now taking place across the world. Over 27 years, until his death on 10th March 2010, Arthur Norris introduced tens of thousands of pupils to the fundamentals of personal and spiritual development. With his passing, the baton was passed to Richard Abbot, a pupil himself since 1989. Pat Warrington continues her oversight of the centre to ensure its integrity is maintained.

The teachings are simple and accessible for all that want to learn about life, its mysteries and its possibilities.

We are based in East Northamptonshire, England with pupils across the entire world.

FREE AUDIO: Arthur spent many years developing a unique approach to personal development and healing. We are very fortunate to have the only known surviving copy of a most powerful healing meditation. The audio quality is very poor, but you can still gain great benefit from this powerful and unique practice. Lie down comfortably, listen and focus...

From the Archive of Arthur Norris

Arthur Leaflet from the early 90s Embodying the Hermit tarot card IX Promotional Sign from the late 90s Cheltenham MBS early 90s Welcome Palmistry in action. Arthur, but not Richard. This Day Universal Truths Dowsing, cleansing, communicating? Who can say? The Uncaring Will Tell Us... Insight Flowing His very rare Tarot deck Reading Palms The only known surviving copy of the Hermitage book of Birthdays Healing in the Colour Room Prediction Magazine January 1995 Fully involved Extract from unfinished manuscript The best card reader of his time. No question. Aura Image Photograph (toward the end of his time) Gone but the work continues

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