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Darkness by Richard Abbot

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Millions are fighting against it, recovering from it, or lost within it.
Many more are in total denial about the influence of DARKNESS in their own lives.
Don't be one of those people.

"Contains practices beyond the scope of any normal person"
"Unrealistic in today's world"
"I refuse to accept it"
"It made me question the entire basis of my life"

Why has a book like this never appeared before?
Because no one wanted to be the one to write it.

Contents Include:
The Book. The Word. The Word of Hermes. The Problems of Mistaken Identity. How To Be a Seeker after Truth, and Not Get Lost. Problems with the New Age. Times of Confusion. Understanding the Times of Confusion. Containing Darkness. The Impossible Practices. 

From the author:
"This is the book of which I have sold the least, yet it is the one of which I am proudest. It is a great shame that more people have not read it for I know that within its pages are the keys that so many search fruitlessly for. But such is life.
I suppose its lack of popularity is hardly surprising, given its title. It is painfully apparent that Darkness is everywhere, though very few wish to accept this. Maybe this is because they know, deep down, that everyone possesses a pinch of Darkness, in heart and mind? Maybe they know that there is no real benefit to be gained from pointing and wailing at the Darkness ‘over there’? Maybe they know that the only real solution is to look hard in the mirror? And maybe that’s why they do not want to do it. The obfuscation, projection and denial of the Land of Soft-Edges must be far more appealing.  I can understand that, though such an approach will always be revealed, in the end, as a Fool’s Retreat.
No, for those enthralled by Love and Light, by Disney, by happy endings and by fairy stories this kind of book will never be approachable, but to those who have ever caught a glimpse of their own Darkness - when behaving out of character, denying reality or by knowing better while doing worse - then the pages of this book will drip gold and diamonds."

Emergence Book Zero: Darkness.
Softback, 6" x 9". 
168 pages. 
Original cover art by Aaron Munday, 12 Orchards.
First Published 2015.

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