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Great Britain? The Secret Destiny of the British & Their Isles by Richard Abbot

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The country in which nearly 65 million live, and which has influenced the world through language, history and culture is changing – fundamentally and irreversibly. These changes resound further than who wins Strictly Come Dancing, the X Factor or the Premiership, and affect everyone in the land, including those in government and power. Changes like this are always seeded energetically and invisibly first, long before they manifest and become visible to the general public.

Using the Elements, and the powers of Numerology & Tarot this book delves into the hidden nature of Great Britain to reveal some incredible insights and a completely new understanding of this country in which we live. Walking a fine line between opposing views this book uncovers many gems, such as:

The astonishing numerology of the British Monarchy.

The numbers of the Places of Britain – from Inverness to Penzance, via everywhere in between.

Exactly why London is different - and special.

A Number and a Tarot card for every single Prime Minister since Robert Walpole – and why we may not have many more Prime Ministers after this one.

The deep, ongoing relevance of King Arthur and Merlin to the life of the nation.

The invisible causes of World War Two.

The gifts - and curses - of the European Union and the United Nations.

The karmic role of overseas friends and foes, particularly Germany, Egypt and the USA.

The numerological role of the print and broadcast media in the success of the nation.

The numerology of all the main political parties, the NHS, the Armed Forces and the Bank of England.

Plus a great deal more - including Elemental, Tarot & Numerological patterns from centuries ago that project forward to this day, informing the unresolved questions around Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Through rigorous and detailed methods this book demonstrates how, when and why the British and their Isles will one day step forward to fulfil their Secret Destiny.

The book is available with four different covers: The Three Knights, The British Dragon, Sacred Geometry or The Hand of Destiny.

If you have a preference as to which cover you would like, please send an email after placing your order.

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