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The Armchair Mystic by Richard Abbot

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Adventures Within!
Fifteen Years of Meditation, Visualisation, Pathworking & Astral Travel.
Revealing The Inner World, its geography, inhabitants and nature.

‘There must be more to Life than this?’ I once cried at the tedium and pain of my existence.
Well there was. And this is the real life story of how I found it.
Every problem that I have ever faced, every obstacle that seemed insurmountable, every anxiety and confusion was resolved by the practices contained in this book.

Based on the process originated formulated in 1960’s California by psychologist Edwin Steinbrecher (and explained step by step in his masterpiece The Inner Guide Meditation) this book is the collected diary notes of my fifteen year long effort to understand myself, the world and my place in it – from my armchair.

This is not a book on how to meditate and feel better. This is about how a mind can be blown and put back together again – different and better than before.

If you want to know what makes me tick and why I say the things that I do then this book is for you.
Do you want to explore your own Inner Being?
Want to develop a much deeper meditative practice?
Working (or trying to work) with Guides or Masters? The Tarot, the I Ching, the Tattvas, the Elements or the Tree of Life? 
Intrigued by Numbers and Symbols? 
Astral Traveller? Budding - or experienced - Manifester, or dare we say Magician?!
All sincere seekers - of whatever experience level - will find something in here that is refreshing, challenging and insightful.

Soft and fluffy it is not. It is instead a transformative record of my journey deep into the pathways of the mind. If you already suspect that there is more to life than the eyes can see then you are ready to take a grand leap into a vastly expanded world. All mature, open, healthy and positive people should upgrade their consciousness with this work and connect with an entirely different level of being. 

Page One begins...."The feeling that there must be 'more to life than this' is a common one, present throughout history and across cultures. It is the driving force behind those who attempt to build a better future, as well as those who would rather retreat to the past. It is the fuel behind all forms of faith and human exploration, and is as much the cause of inspiration as it is of despair, of practical action as much as daydreams. It may be said that the idea of 'more to life than this' rests at the very heart of the human condition...."

From the author:
"Deep, inner exploration - of the heart, soul and mind - is too often associated with ‘dropping out’ or adopting an ‘alternative lifestyle’. This book clearly shows how this is not only unnecessary but how such choices can be ego-distractions, disconnecting us from the real business of self-knowledge.
The title is deliberately misleading. It is no more possible to be an Armchair Mystic than it is to be an Armchair Footballer. Yes, I know such a thing does exist, in many houses across the country, but that kind of talk-above-action is not what this book is about. It is about how the establishment of a sacred sitting space, which one enters deliberately and regularly (no matter the demands of the outside world) provides a powerful foundation from which to penetrate and understand the invisible dimensions of life.
This book shows how embracing limitation and discipline in a personal practice, within a belief-free-zone can yield astonishing results. It is written as a diary so that you can pick up valuable pointers as you implement your own version of the same. No experience is necessary for you to grasp the contents. All that is needed is an open-mind, for with such an asset you may soon find that the colour and sound of the Universe are just waiting to be poured into you."

Dimesions: 6" x 9"
402 pages
Original cover art by Aaron Munday, 12 Orchards.
First Published 2015.

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