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The Works of Arthur H Norris: Volume Two

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The Works of Arthur H Norris: Volume Two

Featuring transcripts of recorded conversations, practical exercises and mind-expanding possibilities on every page. A book of plain language and clear sight.

Chapter Headings:
Why? - Introduction - What the Apprentice Saw - Psychical, Mystical, Magical, Spiritual - God’s Love - When you know yourself you become unstoppable - Universal Reality - Your Dark Side - Truth - Destiny -Wisdom - Strength - Panic! - Help!! - Your Way - You Are - Tarot: What you make of it is up to you -Numbers: Thinking & Feeling - Cycles of Destiny - The Family - The World Situation - Ignorance -Meditation - Your Secret Place - The Silence - The Power - Coming down to Earth - Patience & Positivity -The Foundations of Materialisation, Protection & Progress - The Hermitage Guide to Safe & Successful Candle Magic - The Hermitage Guide to Protecting Yourself and Your Space - Living Life - Doing the Work - Dealing with Idiots, Robots & Gatekeepers - How do you know you are doing it right? - Illumination - Balance - Service - Being the Hermit - Appendix: How to Find Your Four Roads - Next Steps.
For all students past and present. For the curious. For the sceptical. For all those who wish to learn more about themselves and their place in this world.
Technical Details
Size 152mm x 229mm portrait
177 pages
Soft cover with original cover art.

“Where I am now, you may also be” - Arthur
“But only if you also read Volume One” - Richard


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